Cabin Fever

by More Hazards More Heroes

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released July 9, 2013


all rights reserved



More Hazards More Heroes San Francisco, California

More Hazards More Heroes is a southern Alt/folk indie blues guitar and banjo duo that play shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Track Name: Insanity Jam
How many times does the Man,
Gotta prove he’s a man?
Suckin’ the life blood right out our cheek,
Fuckin’ the life so hollow and deep,
But we ain’t all jolly old pilled up freaks.
We won’t let be.

Solomon, Saul and Peter, Paul and all of them
Can’t swallow what we hollerin’,
Can’t follow where we fallin’ in line.

Woah Yeah I’m...fallin’ in line.

We ain’t no labor market.
Rock n’ Roll gonna break your heart kid,
And your bank,
Take a drink to all the health your mama had.
He’s one for the Dad.
“Son, are you on a rail to hell
where every nickel held down by a dime-head nail?”
“you been out there?
Every nickel held down by a dime head nail!”
Insanity jam
Woah Yeah I’m...fallin’ in line
Track Name: Long Way Round
Drop the chain,
I got the things ya need,
Wiped clean.
I checked my six,
Cause I get those cops and narcs and snitches,
That gotta know you ain’t pretty.
You know I took the long way around your city,
And I knocked three times on your ceiling.
Lady – are you feelin’ anything like I am.
Let me know. I came a long way.

You ain’t like girls makin’ fuss,
And I ain’t those boys
And they ain’t us but we must.
Just hush and crush our faces flushed,
Til we brush up on each other’s shoulders
In your entry way.
I may have took the wrong way of lovin’ you, baby.

All those silly lines
we crossed and cut and cussed in the kitchen
all those million times
we was burstin’ with love that was too much to mention.

And I checked my six,
And I kept my shadow short as a quick fix,
They gotta know you ain’t so damn pretty.
I took the long way around your city
And I knocked three times on your ceiling
Are you feelin’ anything like I am?
Let me know.
I came a long way.
Track Name: Rope-a-Dope (Hi-Ho)
We never got a name.
Uncalled for grave robbery.
Show me where the takers are hidin’
And I’ll show ‘em where the day goes long.

My left leg chained to the man with high hopes,
Right one taut on the neck of his ghost,
And there’s me down in the middle on all fours,
cause I heard chicken little is a lion when he roars.

Keep your head down, Rope-a-dope
All of you now,
Put your hands high,
Wait for the right time.

If she swims I’ll cook and book it home, baby.
Oh baby.
More days, more yalla boys,
Holler who you tolerate
Collar who you cater towards.
If she swims, I’ll cook and hook you, oh baby.

Come on work boy work.
Get your job, then get paid.
Then get robbed, all damn day.
Come on Work boy work don’t faint
Come on Work boy work Don’t think
Get your job, then get paid,
Then get robbed, and whistle while you do it.

Keep your head down, Rope-a-dope
All of you now,
Put your hands high,
Wait for the right time.
Track Name: Shittiest Folk Bands
We sold our shirts and ties,
Boss we pawned our coats.
And we’ll play for money on the road,
Til there’s blood in our throats.
No there ain’t no concert halls,
They ain’t comin’ in throngs,
And they’ll never know,
That the shittiest folk bands sing the prettiest songs.
God, yeah they do.

I gave my time.
I served the man for that fucking time
To write all these songs.
And started a folk band for my baby,
So we can all sing along,

There ain’t a talented man
Up here among us.
Just another folk band
Playin’ them shitty old numbers
And there ain’t enough good men,
Well they ain’t comin’ in throngs…
Livin’ a shitty old life,
singin’ you a pretty old song.
And the shittiest folk bands sing the prettiest ones.
The shittiest folk bands sing the prettiest songs.
Track Name: Yellow Bushy County
Your daddy drove you round town,
Hidin’ in the back of that new blue Packard.
And mama I cut my legs up,
Lookin’ from atop of that barbed wire fence.
I nearly lost my life that day,
She took that round trip train to Kansas city.
Layin’ on the tracks there
Screamin’ to God
“Who else in Yellow Bushy comin’ with me?"
Cause ain’t she the prettiest thing we seen
In this old yellow bushy county Mississippi town.

Your pa took you far from me.
He hopped that border to Brinkley, Arkansas.
Where I ‘ll probably lose my life that day,
You take that one way plane to Hollywood.
But remember that good ole home town you come from
Cause ain’t you,
The prettiest thing from Sledge,
All the way to Tillatoba
And you’ll be in our heads,
Til these lonesome days are over.
You make this yellow bushy Mississippi town get down.
…in this yellow bushy county Mississippi town.
You make yellow bushy Mississippi sing!
Track Name: Changemonger
The rate you on
Wait you one second more.
You changemonger
Love me for so long.
You won’t go nowhere else,
Til you dead, long gone
Runnin’ from me –
Your hungry, ugly little loon.
I don’t know if nothin’ comin’
Anytime time soon.

Phenomenas come
When the man’s at home
Cursin’ his options,
Never choosin’ one.
“Where do these people come from?”
God. Give ‘em that one big beatin’ drum.
We don’t know how to march
So where do we run to?
I don’t know if nothin’ comin’
Anytime soon

There ain’t nothin’ comin’ soon
Old man out live me,
Fool girl forgive me
There ain’t nothin’ comin’ soon
Brother don’t bet me,
God don’t regret me
There ain’t nothin’ comin’ soon
Body, you let me,
Lordy come get me
Track Name: Devil Queen
I need a fire to burn my blood
As hot as hell to sear my skin and crack the rust
Now I’ve found that fire in you
You devil queen, you make me dream enough for two

You can growl and claw, but it won’t scare me none
Your appetite’s a site but it won’t make me run
‘cause I’ve been waiting for some of your affection
so won’t you please let me have a taste
I guarantee one bite is all it takes

I need a storm to sink my soul
And a jealous rain to flood my skin and drink me whole
Cause i've been cryin' and praying' for some kind of attention
so won't you please
give me that one little taste and i'll be saved
Track Name: Jankin' Brigade
I hear your pitiful city don’t sing.
Dog gone critical,
Your baby gone mean.
Soul ain’t pumpin no blood
In your spleen.
Love ain’t livin’ long,
Life ain’t what it seems.

Call in the jankin’ brigrade
There ain’t no other way.

Bow down sheriff Kay.,
You ain’t haulin’ us away.
Stay in Pastor Jay.
Be a man Mayor Banks!
Pa, all your money gone,
Blame it on those n*****-knockin’ kids,
Go on Arkansas –
All your hearts poppin’ off the lids
Keep hold your post, your wife,
Your life livin on the grid.

Call in the jankin’ brigade
There ain’t no other way out.


If it ain’t rainin’
It’s sprinklin’ hell in our heads
Jankin’ brigade come and call me from the ledge
Jankin’ brigade come and pull me to the edge

Naw we ain't hatin',
We lovin' that we ain't like them
Then again if you wanna fly, fly,
but if you gotta swim,
get right in the Jankin' Brigrade

Don’t give me the drama
Of your godless mama.
Don’t give me the bother
Of your dead, drunk father,
It don’t matter the trouble
Of your skid-row brother
And don’t give me the history
Of your perfect sister.
She ain’t nothin’ to be!

I see your mile-high goliath,
And you never gotta fight it,
And you never gotta hide it from nobody.

Hit it a mile joel, hit it a mile jane
hit it a mile old man, whatever your name.
hit it a mile joel, hit it a mile ben
hit it a mile oh! right out of your skin
hit it a mile joel hit it a mile todd
hit it a mile where it don’t matter your god
hit it a mile joel hit it a mile john
to where no matter you right.
You dead wrong!
hit it a mile joel and hit it a mile steve
hit it a mile to where you ain’t gotta believe
hit it a mile joel and hit it a mile mother
where every last one has got a brother in me

Track Name: Music, Sound!
Music, sound!
The sun comes up with eyes from heads bend down.
Golden lines are written on the page.
Walk outside, your child’s doing musical plays
On the musical playground.
Golden rays are coming from his eyes.
Your baby’s alive.

The park is full but every man,
Has all the room in the world.
To tell his girl she’s pretty in his eyes.
And then the girl grabs her strings…
She loves to play. She loves to sing, Hark!

Here those angels singing in the park
That my baby’s alive.
Track Name: Metamorphosis
I saw a cold man
just outside this place,
high on a smoke
just keepin' his mind in phase
why do a man
gotta be twenty-five some days

are we you and me just yet
or are we us just a little rushed
is this us yet metamorphosis
is this us yet!

my chicken scratched universe,
that just one man knows,
and this man's got his woes
bringin' him down.
All the way to Tartarus,
where i hope no man can bother us at all
i'll give it a pull

we are thirsty for some mercy
and fortune a friend.
he i am waitin' on the big man's party to end.
lady gimme your curtsy and that grin


Sometimes i take a vacation
away from this whole damn life
said i do it occasionally
i just don't know what the occasion is.

yom kippur, ramadan, st. john
or the drug i'm on.
i'm lovin' that drug i'm on.
thank god we got them women,
numbin' the pain
makin' it all better though
she ain't seen it rain in forever,
if ever at all.
she stay housed, she clothed
held close like a pretty doll.


Track Name: City of God
You are no barbarian,
You are man!
The propaganda man did
Give you damn-ded blood in your eyes.
Blood on your hands,
No love in your life.
I couldn’t defy my orders to fight
Our borders defiled
The war is wild.
And the war is a child,
Fevered and riled,
Cryin’ upstairs for the vial
While forty plus share household on the dial.

And they asked me what I was gonna be
“a dead man runnin’,
or a lead man gunnin?”
‘a lead man!’
“son, tell me everything you wanna see”
‘I wanna see our city standing tall
a city of god and a city for all’
“well you’re never gonna see it again with him,
standin’ on the harbor wall!

You are no barbarian,
When your carryin’ our flag.”

Gory horrid hallelujah is all over that hill
Track Name: Cabin Fever
We’ve hit a cold snap.
Get on your horseback, comrads.
I ain’t goin’ alone.
But who could follow this map,
And why do we call this tourist trap, home,
When nothin's our own.

Can’t jump that wide gap.
Thank god we got a pass, at last
Though it’s all touch and go.
Life needs a nightcap,
Medic I need a slap on my ass,
Mother let me be born

Cause I see these singin’ believers
But they ain’t dead sick
With cabin fever.

Are you havin’ that cabin fever?
Can they kill that babblin’ dreamer?

See there’s all this damn,
Jolly old time in this world,
But that time ain’t mine.
I ain’t billin’ a dime.
But that ain’t it at all,
Baby crawl, youngin’ jaw
Man stand tall, old men gotta see again
What he saw…so many times before
Just like a man can’t love the road,
No more than where he’s goin.

Don’t let your deep sleep heat
Break your fever.
Don’t you got breakin’ your sweat yet!
Yet! Yet! Yet!

Cause I see these singin’ believers
But they ain’t dead sick
With cabin fever. Cabin Fever, oh yeah!

Are you havin’ that cabin fever.
Can they kill that babblin’ dreamer.